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Violator Kush (AAAA) Earn starting at 35 Reward Points
“Got this as a free gift in my last order, which was supposed to be a free AAA gift so I was pleasantly surprised to find this as my free gift. It's a strain I've had multiple times before from speedgreens and oh my is it ever delicious and potent. Highly recommend. Thanks sg!”
Purple Skunk (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Very happy I finally picked this strain up. Very accurate to the pictures, great taste and high. Would buy again!”
Jet Fuel (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “3rd time getting this strain, I really recommend it! Great strain at a good price point.”
Tropicana (smalls) (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Amazing strain at an amazing price point. I'm really happy I managed to get an oz of this because not 2 days later it was sold out. Great smell, taste and beautiful little dense nuggets. Very happy with this purchase.”
Jet Fuel (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Bought jet fuel for the second time because I love the gassy smell and taste. Was very impressed with this strain :)”
Gorilla Glue #4 (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Amazing, so happy I was able to try this strain before theres non left!”
Incredible Bulk (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “I first tried this strain with the 420 combo pack, ordered it again because it was so good but this third time I was slightly disappointed. The taste is a tad harsh towards the end when smoking it compared to before and the smell is much less pungent. All around great strain though! The high is excellent :)”
Snow White (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Finally bought a 7g after receiving this strain as a free gift and I loved it just as much as I remember. Beautiful nugs and a great taste and smell.”
Gorilla Bomb (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Decided to try this out with my last mix and match oz order and am just getting around to reviewing it. While I only found one single seed which was in no means a big deal for me and the look was beautiful, the taste was just not there for me. I found it to be incredibly harsh even for me to the point where I'm not really excited to smoke it. I'm surprised as everything else I've ever tried from speed greens has been top notch.”
Death Bubba (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “I get death bubba from speed greens every single time I order. It's my favourite strain by far. Amazing, as always. Thanks SG!”
Gorilla Glue #4 (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “This was my first time trying the gorilla glue strains and wow GG#4, I love you.”
White Widow (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Love this as a day time smoke. The taste definitely expands a lot. True to the pictures and strain with long orange pistils that look like spider webs. Really enjoyed this!”
Jet Fuel (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Love it! Gassy smell, dense nugs and great taste. Definitely a day time smoke. I took a little bit off because I find it doesn't stay lit as well when smoking a joint but perfect in my vape or bong. Will buy again!”
Watermelon (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Wow. I have been eyeing this strain since I heard about it and finally ordered some. It definitely exceeded my expectations - fruity, beautiful smell and just covered in thc. It tastes sweet as you're smoking it and burns super well. Very impressed and have to order again before there's none left!!”
Black Domina (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “This is a new favourite. I need good strains for sleeping and living with chronic pain and this just made it into my top 3. Beautiful strain that lulled me to sleep with half a joint.”
1 Gram BC Vapes Distillate Cartridge (Indica/Sativa/Hybrid) Earn starting at 68 Reward Points
“Recently purchased mimosa and do-si-dos and I love both of them. Great flavour! A little disappointed to see an increase in the price per cart as they're already pricey but the quality is there.”
Death Bubba (AAAA) $38.00$245.00 “Death Bubba is my favourite strain for sleeping and chronic pain but this is just on another LEVEL. The smell is intoxicating. The taste is lovely. This is a must buy!!!”
Snow White (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “I got this as a free gift and I'm SO happy I did. I've been wanting to try this stain since I heard about it a couple months ago. The smell is sweet and pungent and nugs are covered in THC. Will definitely pick this up in the near future!”
Sugarcoat Pineapple Rolling Papers $2.00 “Yum! A bit thick but never ran and tasty!”
Justin Beaver Rolling Hemp Papers Slow Burning $3.00 “How have I never tried these papers before!? I bought them because the name was great but seriously GREAT papers!”
Indica Pre-Rolls (GOLD) Earn starting at 7 Reward Points
“I bought one pre-roll just to give it a try. 1G, beautifully rolled and white ash. Mine was very smooth and fruity. Will purchase again!”
Incredible Bulk (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “I first tried incredible bulk in the 420 combo pack and I knew I had to get it again. Beautiful smell and smoke and the nuggets are dense and brightly coloured. Love love love!”
Death Bubba (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Second time grabbing the AAA death bubba and it's still the most effective strain to help my chronic pain and sleep issues.”
Vancity Kush (smalls) (AA) $25.00$140.00 “I received this as my free gift and it really is an excellent AA strain with a lovely smell and smoke. I gave 4 stars just because the buds I received were a bit too "branchy" but seriously great deal for the price.”
420 Door Crasher Combo Pack $325.00 “Super bundle for 420, ordered Monday and received it Wednesday! Very happy”
Violator Kush (AAAA) Earn starting at 35 Reward Points
Death Bubba (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Loved it, had a great nights sleep!”
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