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Canna Co. Medibles Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie Indica/Sativa (260mg) Earn starting at 26 Reward Points
“Every flavour is delicious, soft and heavy hitting. I usually cut these moist soft badboys into 1/4 's. 5/5 every flavour of these cookies. Sativa or Indica.”
Canna Co. Medibles Triple Chocolate Indica/Sativa (260mg) Earn starting at 24 Reward Points
“Amazing taste. I love every flavour of these cookies. Wicked buzz, so I usually cut it into pieces which is easy because these are soft! 5/5 among my favorite edibles for sure.”
Herbivores Baked Goods (CBD/ THC) Earn starting at 20 Reward Points
“AMAZING TASTE! If it weren't labeled as an intoxicant you wouldn't know! Fantastic buzz , full body relaxation and head high. This for me is a definite favorite that I will reorder, absolutely fantastic. 5/5”
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (AAAA) $38.00$245.00 “This stuff is incredible hits like a ton of bricks! Sticky buds that bust up like Moon sand but you can roll it tight and still smoke it fine. To me smells like old cheese soaked in turpentine but the smoke is sweet and smooth. LOVE this Chemovar! 5/5”
Everest Extracts Shatter (Indica) Earn starting at 30 Reward Points
“Amazing shatter!! So clear and smooth. Love the head buzz immediately after the delicious exhale! 5/5”
Herbivores Banana Blasts THC (150mg) $20.00 “Great flavour! More like a peep marshmallow style of gummy, fantastic potency! 5/5”
Sky Extracts - Distillates Cartridges Earn starting at 50 Reward Points
“Fantastic tasting cart, I love sky extracts! Super potent and smooth. 5/5 for this flavour.”
Canna Co. Medibles Ginger Molasses Indica/Sativa (260mg) Earn starting at 15 Reward Points
“Wow, this is most definitely going to be a repeat purchase (Indica) I ate one 1/2 at a time which was more than enough for what I was trying to achieve. The flavour is delicious it had a more or less background cannabis flavour. I used it at night for a sleep aid and it did the trick for sure. 5/5 amazing buzz and flavour.”
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