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Mota Sour Squares. THC
MOTA Sour Squares THC (Hybrid 150mg) $17.00 “Great Taste had to eat about 5 to feel anything tho.”
Bruce Banner AAAA 7
Bruce Banner (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Got that green and that purple call it Bruce Banner!!!”
HighVoltageExtracts liveresin 2
High Voltage Live Resin 1g (Indica, Sativa, Balanced-Hybrid) Earn starting at 55 Reward Points
“The iced grapefruit rocked my world”
Night Train Budder AAAA 1
Night Train Budder (AAAA) $33.00$750.00 “Some of the best smelljng stuff.”
violator kush budder 1
Violator Kush Sugar Wax Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
Death Bubba AA.7
Death Bubba (AA) $25.00$140.00 “Good Budd for the price!!”
Pink Bubba AAAA 1
Pink Bubba (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Ussually only like to smoke concentrates but this stuff keeps up with the shatter and budder.”
Strawberry Cough Budder 1 9919
Strawberry Cough Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“This stuff smokes like a drean”
Monster Extracts front
Monster Extractions Pineapple Express Shatter (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“Love this stuff I smoke it at work and it keeps me going.”
Nuken AAA 1
Nuken (AAA+) Earn starting at 32 Reward Points
“Got a free 8th of this stuff. Really good especially for free.”
lebanese hash 13
Lebanese Hash (AAAA) Earn starting at 20 Reward Points
“Ussually not a big hash smoker but since I got this been smoking and smoking!! Thanks SG”
Wedding Crasher AAAA 1
Wedding Crasher (AAAA) $38.00$245.00 “I'm in love with this stuff. The smell the taste and the high are all amazing.”
mauwi wowiw
Maui Wowie Honeycomb Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“This budder totally kicked my ass!!!”
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