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Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash (AAAA) $20.00$400.00 “I ordered 14g and received the freshest hash i've had in my life. That's something you really appreciate. If you like hash, you will be very happy with the Mazar Sharif. Very strong and intoxicating. With an excellent aroma and perfect condition. Not only that but I was very impressed with all the great free gifts with my order. It also came with a perfect hash container. I highly recommend ordering 14g+.”
Canna Co. Medibles Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie CBD 100mg (5 cookies x 20mg) $18.00 “For killing my pain CBD works better than any pill has. I suggest anyone who suffers from pain to try 100mg. I will be looking for 100mg or times 2, 200mg CBD only edibles because theyre excellent for pain relief.”
Bubba Kush (AA) $25.00$140.00 “This was seriously a great gift for my order. SpeedGreens Bubba Kush is so classic Bubba Kush you will recognize the smell right away. The fact they give an eight of this for a gift for a 200$ order just makes you want to stick with them for all future plans. I save this Bubba Kush as my last flower to smoke from my order bc i like it so much.”
Vancity Kush (smalls) (AA) $25.00$140.00 “This is my goto flower as its smell is berry like and easy to smoke. Whatever batch they have, VanCity Kush is one of the sweetest kush's i have tried aside from shiskaberry or blueberry. Sweeter than strawberry kush in my opinion. I received an eighth gift of this and that is incredible customer service. You get an excellent value for your order here”
Death Bubba (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “I received a free gift gram of aaaa Death Bubba with my order which i think is what this is on sale. Amazing generosity. It was the best flower of my order and was sticky, sweet and in perfect condition for smoking. It was also the most powerful flower that i could rely on.for giving me a strong blast. At this price it is a good idea to grab some to make your order great.”
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