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Mix and Match AAAA 1oz (4 x 7g) $230.00 “Great stuff, does SG grow their own stuff or what's going on here exactly hmm? Anyway one star knocked off for being a tad expensive (215 would be more reasonable). But the bud that SG labels AAAA is on point as it were”
White Walker AAAA1
White Walker Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“as predicted, this is stuff is very unique and fun to handle and smoke. Very powerful, a little funny tasting, bit too gassy, but other than that's it's remarkable. No description either. How peculiar”
ubc chemo sugar wax
UBC Chemo Sugar Wax Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“My first sugar wax. Very nice texture and nose, the taste is nice too. Can't say much else about the high other than it's so potent, all budder seems the same practically. Yet so different. That's what makes it magical. Its union of opposites.”
lebanese hash 13
Lebanese Hash (AAAA) Earn starting at 20 Reward Points
“Well good enough for Canadian hash... Meaning hash bought in Canada. Has a nice dark colour and smooth texture and burn and stone and”
Sensi Star Budder 2 1
Sensi Star Budder (AAAA) $33.00$750.00 “Top shelf indica budder. Probly my fave budder from SG so far alongside Strawberry Cough”
NYC Diesel - (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “another great 4a strain from SG. really fantastic smell and a great high, classic skunk style weed”
Strawberry Cough Budder 1 9919
Strawberry Cough Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“My fave budder so far. Great sativa high, strawberry-coughy scent and imp4ct on that chest wuuuut”
White Walker AAAA1
White Walker Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“Powerful high, but I'm getting tired of budder. It's just too strong lol”
Violator kush aaaa 2 min
Violator Kush (AAAA) Earn starting at 35 Reward Points
“Free gift of 3.5 gs, f'ing amazing quality. Smells more like citrus to me than earthy spicesz but whatever. It's drenched in glittering crystals and gives a beautiful Indica buzz.”
Purple punch AAAA 1
Purple Punch (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Wow! SG's 4A strains are going off the charts! This one is soon purply smelling. Great high too. Goes well with Sensi Star budder.”
WhiteRhinoAAAA 1 optimized
White Rhino (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “One of my fave strains and the first one I ever tried knowing it's name”
Strawberry AAAA 1
Strawberry (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “This stuff is deluxe! It smells so much like strawberries. It smells more like its name than any strain I've had before. The effects are very nice and generally typical high-end Sativa in quality.”
Strawberry Cough Budder 1 9919
Strawberry Cough Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“I'm a definite budder convert. I love the stuff! S. Cough is delish and it does indeed give you a funny feeling in the plexus as well as stone the hell out of you. As any proper cannabis product should.”
mauwi wowiw
Maui Wowie Honeycomb Budder (AAAA) Earn starting at 33 Reward Points
“My first taste of budder and certainly will not be my last. Very potent and encapsulates the treasures of THC-terpenes better than any other concentrate I've tried so far... Better than hash? Certainly cooler than kief...”
Camel Lebanese Hash AAAA 1a
Camel Lebanese Hash (AAAA) Earn starting at 18 Reward Points
“It's like a cheaper version of Moroccan hash I guess. Not the strongest but easier to work with than the sticky Lebanese.”
lebanese hash 13
Lebanese Hash (AAAA) Earn starting at 20 Reward Points
“Great stuff, has a legendary kick and that dark Lebanese Indica undertone. Rock on.”
Blackberry OG AAAA 1
Blackberry OG (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Although I'm not a huge fan of Indica, I do appreciate this strain's mystic stone, a kind of archaic hunter-gatherer consciousness, if you will...”
Lemon Larry AAAA 1
Lemon Larry AAAA $35.00$225.00 “Definitely damn good stuff. The usual satisfaction from Speed Greens. This one is probably my fave of all their current stuff.”
GorillaBombAAAA 1 optimized
Gorilla Bomb (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Not sure why it got so many bad ratings. I love it! Right next to Cherry Bomb in potency and mystic spin.”
Cherry Bomb AAA 1
Cherry Bomb (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Yep, this really is a gemz with a delicious name, look and taste/smell. Kudos to speed Greens.”
Watermelon AAA 1 1
Watermelon (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “This indeed is a wonderful strain. It smells like watermelon and has a great fuzzy look and a smooth taste, and most importantly, a deep, powerful stone. Would order more if it wasn't out of stock.”
Zombie Og AAA 1
Zombie OG (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Maybe this is a love/hate type of strain, but heck! I love it. The odour and appearance isn't overwhelmingly great, but it is interesting. Most importantly, the high itself is absolutely fantastic. Who'd a thunk it. Try it out. Your reaction will range from highly impressed to highly disappointed, judging from the above reviews. Mine was the former. 😀 I'm happy. Because it was also my free 3.5g for ordering over 299$.”
Jet fuel AAA 1
Jet Fuel (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “I've tried Jet Fuel from Budmail too, and this from Speedgreens is to be almost identical. Yes, sir, the quality is-a so good. Mmm, Luigi, pass the Jet Fuel!”
OG Kush aaaa 2 1
OG Kush (AAA) $26.00$175.00 “It's okay. Dunno if it's a different batch or what. but my 7g's of OG Kush are underwhelming in terms of bag appeal. In terms of high, for me when bud gets above 20% THC or so I can't tell the difference, so this stuff is fine. Going off terpenes n other factors though, it's not as stellar as Zombie or White Widow.”
Super Lemon Haze AAAA 1
Super Lemon Haze (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Amazing strain, reminds me of some of BM's greatest strains that smell like citrus and lean sativa.”
White Widow AAAA 1
White Widow (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “What an unusual surprise! I expected a more generic White Widow, but it indeed had the spider web-like hairy feature mentioned by the above reviewer. But I won't let elitism be oppression, and I'll join the ranks of General Erasmus Kahn when I proclaim these transcendally functional nuggets of bliss. Minus 1 star for the alien-like spidery freak shit thing.”
gorilla glue 4 aaa 1A
Dutch Treat (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “For the price of AAA, it deserves 5 stars. It has a beautiful scent, and look and feel, and a nice stone reminiscent of its forbear, Northern Lights.”
Gorilla Glue 4 1
Gorilla Glue #4 (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Classic GG4 smell. Nothing much to say... I've had Gorilla Glue #4 hash too and it's even more impressive!”
snow white aaaa1 min
Snow White (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Great stuff. Reminds me of an old BM strain called THC Snow. Looked into it: they share White Widow parentage.”
Cannalope AAA 2
Cannalope (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Great for the price; classic midgrade Sativa. Hard, dense, mildly colourful buds smelling of shelf-dusty cantaloupe”
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