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Death Bubba (smalls) (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Amazing product. Don't let the "smalls" description put you off from it. Sure it may be trimmed a bit worse than the regular Death Bubba, but it's just as heavy of a smoke. The attached lab results are a nice touch. Very strong strain that has a tendency to take my breath away from coughing so much. Very enjoyable though”
NYC Diesel - (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “My only complaint is how airy the buds are. Not dense and squishy. Nonetheless it's still a very enjoyable smoke. Definitely gives you more of an energetic high than I was expecting. Very strong diesel smell and taste.”
Gorilla Bomb (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Big fat buds. Very similar smell to gg#4 but this taste is much more complex. Covered in crystals and very sticky. I did fine a few seeds in the first bud that I busted, but I don't mind adding to the seed collection. Thanks SG!”
Wedding Crasher (AAAA) $38.00$245.00 “Definitely top shelf! Very dense buds that are perfectly cured and covered in trichomes. Very strong stuff”
Bubba Kush (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Received as a free sample and I was ok with it. Great for free but defiantly not one of my favourites. It was leafy and not much crystals on it. Cheers SG for the free stuff though”
Monster Cookies (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “One of my fav from SG. Buds are of magazine quality in terms of bag appeal, covered in crystals with a very sweet smell to it. Please get more in stock SG”
Nuken (AA+) $25.00$140.00 “An amazing value for the price. Sure its not top shelf but still very good. Very nice smoke after work to decompress and relax without being stuck in the couch.”
Pure Relief Blended Oil CBD Tincture 500mg $55.00 “Huge thanks to SG for having this product. It's a great way to start the morning before work and I really feel it brings on such a relaxed and subtle effect to my day.”
Purple Skunk (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Really dense purple buds that are dripping in crystals. Extremely happy and would highly recommend it!”
Death Bubba (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “A new favorite strain for me. Strong and very deep hitting. Thick solid buds”
Gorilla Glue #4 (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Simply amazing for a AAA strain. The taste and smells are exactly what I love about GG#4. Careful with this one it kicks hard and very strong hitting.”
Blueberry Muffins (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Another great strain from SG. Such a smooth smoke.”
Watermelon (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “One of the most enjoyable stains to date. The smell of this strain is simply out of this world. Literally smells like a bowl of fresh cut fruit. Very smooth and tasty smoke. 2 huge thumbs up!!! Thanks SG”
Blackberry OG (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Amazing looking buds. Seriously this might be the best bag appeal in any strain I have tried. Buds are covered in crystals and the smell of blackberry is very strong. Very dense buds. Smoke is very strong and berry flavored.”
Monster Cookies (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “This takes one of my favorites strains GSC and takes it up a notch. Buds have an intoxicating smell to them, covered in crystals, and all large buds. A very tasty smoke that is great before bed time or at the end of a long day. White ash is a sign that plants were flushed properly and no left over nutrients. Thanks SG!!!”
Gorilla Glue #4 (AAAA) $35.00$225.00 “Top quality! All big fat nugs, no popcorn or shake. The taste is one that lingers on your lips afterwards. Very stinky and covered in beautiful frosty goodness. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a strong, uplifting strain.”
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