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“this strain is amazing, knocked me out and put me to bed. Great earthy pine taste in my vape. Def a AAAA”
Pink Kush (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “looking for a nice night time indica then try this AAA out, it was way better then I expected and gave me a great high. smell was yummy and packaging is the best.”
Strawberry Cough (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “This sativa is amazing great smell and taste, great in my vape or a joint. If you like stavias you need to try this one.”
Twisted Citrus (AAAA) $32.00$205.00 “THIS SMELLS AMAZING!!! and taste just as good, the name says it all. big buds and nice curing. very uplifting and energizing high, will be getting this again as it did not disappoint.”
Rockstar (AAAA) $28.00$175.00 “good earthy spice smell and taste, good high that hit right away and very up lifting. great AAA”
Godberry (AAAA) (Discounted for smaller bud size) $35.00$225.00 “This one smells amazing with such a berry note. High hit right away and stayed, good for bedtime or movie time. want a heavy indica then try this one.”
Dutch Treat (AA) $25.00$140.00 “For a AA this was a good buy, little bight of sweet smell to it but very earthy. Good smoke and a good high. For the budget smoker this is a great buy,”
Blue God (AAAA) $30.00$190.00 “HEAVY high so great for doing nothing, smelled so good and the taste was even better in my vape. Want to stay on the couch then get this very AAAA”
Blue Cheese (AAA) $28.00$175.00 “Nice dense big buds, good cheesy smell and great taste. Will order again”
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