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White Rhino (AAAA)

(13 customer reviews)


White Rhino is a potent Indica strain, and is easily recognizable with its short to bushy, light green to dark green leaves. The nugs are a hue best described as being silvery white and it is well known for its potency, which comes with a high that is hard and fast, mostly due to the high THC content which ranges from 14-20%. With its background of White Widow and a North American Sativa plant, it’s also known for its powerful aroma, which is a mix of an earthy, bitter, and would like to smell. It’s perfectly common to experience feelings of laziness, happiness, and euphoria after smoking this strain of weed, which is why it’s primarily used in the medical world to treat stress, pain, and insomnia. The primary negative effect of this strain is dry mouth, although dry eyes is a possibility. This strain is also known for being particularly durable, being able to be grown in extreme climates.










Lack of Appetite0%

Dry Mouth0%

Dry Eyes0%




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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for White Rhino (AAAA)

  1. slightlyoverboard

    Classic strain, pure indica puts me DOWN. I smoked this before bed and my chronic backache was reduced to almost nil and then lights out. The buds look great too!

  2. TommyLee

    TommyLee (verified owner)

    Takes me back to the 90s nice sticky buds and nice high smell and taste very nice to

  3. Brendo

    Brendo (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the taste and high off this one great bedtime smoke! Will b getting more

  4. dollyk


    love this strain

  5. brycebilyk

    brycebilyk (verified owner)

    Smells great and gives me a nice relaxing high that goes to my head.

  6. TDotCity83


    Reminds me when I started smoking. It’s a way back playback. Great indica strain. Classic smell and smoke. Throw on some 90’s hiphop and light up a blunt and it will take you back.

  7. creakle


    One of my fave strains and the first one I ever tried knowing it’s name

  8. Mystro

    Mystro (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourites for calm and couch time, will reorder and have had nothing but compliments from other as well.

  9. john.paul

    john.paul (verified owner)

    only give it I 4 outta 5 star because it kind fluffy other then that great strain

  10. dominicpelosi

    dominicpelosi (verified owner)

    not bad 4 stars

  11. Loucile


    Great strain again works really well at bedtime if your looking for a good night sleep. Or great for during the day when you have nothing to do

  12. Honeydip

    Honeydip (verified owner)

    Pretty good, gets the job done.

  13. t.comeau89

    t.comeau89 (verified owner)

    super quality buds really nice taste and burn.

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