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Rockstar (smalls) (AAA)

(14 customer reviews)


Rockstar is an indica dominant hybrid 70/30 strain created through a cross of the popular Rock Bud X Sensi Star strains. The Rockstar high is powered by a 14-19% average THC level. Rockstar buds are medium-sized, dense and lumpy dark olive green. This bud has an aroma of spicy, grapey, earth with a hint of skunky pungent herbs and a taste of spiced mulled wine with a pungent slightly skunky exhale. The Rockstar high starts with a cerebral rush and after a few minutes of toking that leaves you uplifted, extremely happy, with active tendencies and motivation. As this powerful head high builds, you’ll slowly feel a creeping body buzz wash over you that leaves you completely relaxed in every single muscle, leaving you helplessly couch-locked without the debilitating sedation. Rockstar is a favorite medicine for headaches, pain, sleep disorders and depression.


This stock of Rockstar (smalls) comes from a AAAA stock.  These are the small buds that have been separated out but are of high quality.  This stock has a strong gassy nose, nice coating of trichomes and classic Rockstar effects.  Excellent deal for those of you who do not mind small buds!


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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Rockstar (smalls) (AAA)

  1. Mapleheads

    Mapleheads (verified owner)

    Great sample of the Rockstar strain. The buds a smallish and quite green but they produce thick clouds of vapour and deliver a strong “kushy” taste. A powerful indica with just the right balance of “I’m stoned, I’m happy, let’s do something…or not.” Thanks Speed Greens for the exceptional product, exceptionally fast. Amazing price too!

  2. Mapleheads

    Mapleheads (verified owner)

    I’m back. Got more of this. Couldn’t turn down this offering. Delicious and potent AND a bargain.

  3. bcbud78

    bcbud78 (verified owner)

    A personal favourite , I received all popcorn buds and not really what I was expecting for a trip, but each popcorn nug is solid, tasty and gets me high, a mellow, almost couch locking body and head buzz.

  4. TerpX


    Love me some Rockstar and this batch didn’t disappoint. A very “kushy” nose that reminds me of some Bubbas. The flavor the nose and the classic indica effects are all there.

  5. Loucile

    Loucile (verified owner)

    Loved the rockstar. It has always been one of my top buds. Makes you feel super relaxed and helps with pain management.

  6. canada.jillian

    canada.jillian (verified owner)

    Rockstar has been one of my very favourite daytime strains for years. I find it reduces my stress and anxiety while also giving me enough mental energy to get moving and get something accomplished. The quality of Speedgreens Rockstar has been very good and consistent. Highly recommend!

  7. kolola24

    kolola24 (verified owner)

    I love this strain! Potent & tastes amazing. You’ll love this bud!

  8. nicolasrobichaud

    nicolasrobichaud (verified owner)

    Pretty good small AAA, happy with it!

  9. john.paul

    john.paul (verified owner)

    for AAA I really enjoyed the high this strain gave me

    • SGowner


      So happy to hear that you enjoyed this particularly stock. The smalls come from a quad AAAA batch that our Craft Grower seperates out to ensure his AAAA is consistent and that it only contains large nugs. A great deal for this stock. – Jordan, Customer Service @SpeedGreens

  10. rockcbob


    Like everything speak green cells this is delicious

  11. Azarisk


    Had this before one of the best on here! The batch never disappoints

  12. evgenyokhotov

    evgenyokhotov (verified owner)

    love the OG earth aroma.
    Great little popcorn nugs.

  13. TerpX

    TerpX (verified owner)

    Great high great buzz and great for anytime of the day. Took away one star because the nose was mild and not gassy as described, more of just a sweet earthy kush

  14. mbutenham

    mbutenham (verified owner)

    Tiny lil nugs (as described) but caked in crystal, good bud structure and a good smoke.

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