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Nuken (AA+)

(13 customer reviews)


Nuken is an indica dominant hybrid 80 indica/20 sativa strain created as cross between the cult favorite God Bud X Kish strains. This potent bud boasts a moderate THC level between 13-25% and has a deliciously enticing aroma and flavor. The aroma of Nuken is that of a sweet marshmallow with a hint of sharp skunk, and the taste is much like a freshly baked marshmallow pie with a hint of skunk upon exhale. Nuken buds have large dense and furry light minty green nugs with a thick layer of dark olive green leaves and sparse fiery orange hairs. Each nug has a fine layer of translucent crystal trichomes and is dripping with sweet sticky visible resin. The Nuken high is characterized by a long-lasting and relaxing buzz that doesn’t leave you sedated and isn’t narcotic in nature. You’ll be hit with a body buzz that starts in your spine and slowly spreads throughout your body, ridding you of any pain. This is accompanied by a deep introspection that can leave you distant and spacey at times. Because of these potent effects, Nuken is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, mild cases of depression, and chronic stress or anxiety.
This stock of Nuken has a loose bud structure compared to most other Nuken phenotypes that we’ve carried.  It has a good Nuken nose, abundant amount of trichomes and is quite tacky compared to the solid bud structure phenotypes of Nuken.  The effects of this stock is quite good but the physical characteristics do not fit our normal Nuken criteria and so this stock has been graded and priced accordingly.











Dry Mouth0%

Dry Eyes0%




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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Nuken (AA+)

  1. Mystro

    Mystro (verified owner)

    Bug beautiful buds! The smell is wonderful and gave a deep sense of relaxation.

  2. Mark


    Received in free sample and am impressed . The buzz is great with the nice relaxed feeling and the pain slowly melts away. Will be ordering soon.

  3. brazdaz69

    brazdaz69 (verified owner)

    An amazing value for the price. Sure its not top shelf but still very good. Very nice smoke after work to decompress and relax without being stuck in the couch.

  4. Scottyfromtheblock

    Scottyfromtheblock (verified owner)

    Great big buds and a great big smell. The terp profile on this strain is great and speed greens nailed it with this cut. I’ve had Nuken countless times and this is hands down the best batch of the strain that I’ve ever seen. Adequately rated at AAA but it’s definitely on the higher end of the AAA spectrum. Burns great and gives a nice relaxing feel without being overly sedative.

  5. Kuri

    Kuri (verified owner)

    Great relaxing high that allows you to just mellow out. Definitely helps for sleep.

  6. mrobin


    Has that classic Nuken smell and taste. Awesome bud for the price. Especially when it is your free gift! Great stuff, thanks SG!

  7. Spdc1234


    Got this as a freebie first time purchase I like taste good burns good

  8. josephnormandeau


    Great smell and taste . Received this as a freebie and liked it a lot . Great quality. No couch lock either , just a nice mellow enjoyable relaxing high !!!!!

  9. StonedTemplePilot

    StonedTemplePilot (verified owner)

    Order was shipped fast and packaging was discrete. Price was on point. Buds were not tight but didnt effect the quality of smoke. Has great flavor and nose. No couch lock with this indica dominate strain. Recommend enjoying in the evening after supper time. Will definitely re order.

  10. mackenzieb1999


    Full of trichomes a little bit darker mugs but still beautiful

  11. ontarijo


    got some as a free sample. one of the best smelling AA strains i’ve had the pleasure of trying. buds were fluffy and a bit leafy but they were sticky and fresh so i don’t have much to complain about. great choice at this price point especially if you can get a discount

  12. blabapp

    blabapp (verified owner)

    Great value for the price, amazing pungent smell. Smells a lot better than many of the AAAA strains, and gives a nice high.

  13. kristen


    So damn good! Just got it and I’m lit!

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