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High Voltage HTFSE


Go for the “full plant experience”! High Voltage Extract’s Sauce captures more unique terpenes and cannabinoids than any other extraction method!

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract from High Voltage Extracts in BC are some of the highest-end premium cannabis extraction available on the market. HTFSE 95% THC is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization, High-terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Typically, Full Spectrum Terp Sauce will contain about 50% Cannabinoids, 20-30% Terpenes, and 20-30% other trichrome cannabis biomolecules.


*All High Voltage Extracts orders will receive a High Voltage Extracts sticker while supplies last.

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Build your own 4gms of High Voltage Extracts HTFSE  Choose your four favorite High Voltage Extracts HTFSE products at 1gm each!

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Island Sweet Skunk Sauce 1g (Sativa), Death Star Sauce 1g (Indica), Megalodon Sauce 1g (Sativa), Romulan Sauce 1g (Indica), Amnesia Death 1g ( Hybrid Blend), Strawberry Cheesequake 1g (Hybrid), Mimosa 1g (Hybrid), White Fire OG 1g (Sativa Dominant Hybrid), Purple White Lightning 1g (Hybrid), Silver Haze 1g (Sativa), Strawberry Bubba 1g (Hybrid Blend), Black Domina 1g (Indica Blend)

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