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Maui Wowie Honeycomb Budder (AAAA)

(17 customer reviews)


Maui Waui aka Maui Mowie is a classic sativa with tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this strain was originally born and raised. Since its beginnings in the island’s volcanic soil, Maui Wowie has spread across the world to bless us with its sweet pineapple flavors and high-energy euphoria. Lightweight sativa effects allow your mind to drift away to creative escapes, while Maui Wowie’s motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun.










Lack of Appetite0%

Dry Eyes0%


Dry Mouth0%



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Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Maui Wowie Honeycomb Budder (AAAA)

  1. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. Tastes good and is pretty potent…easily 4 out 5 stars.

  2. crystal25bored

    crystal25bored (verified owner)

    Taste was great not very harsh, but had a great high 5/5

  3. jeff02

    jeff02 (verified owner)

    Two dabs and I’m smashed. Nice.

  4. Jeffreid688803

    Jeffreid688803 (verified owner)

    Terps are strong here,like smacked in the face strong ,really smooth and hits hard I’m loving it!

  5. scottytremblay

    scottytremblay (verified owner)

    This stuff smells INSANE. The high is heavy and the packaging was also very cool!

  6. Stevorama

    Not a Sativa lover…but this is the terppiest and most potent of budders I have tried @ SG…I have tried a few mostly Indica or Hybrids. Very smooth , tastey and hits like a spade shovel to the face.Nothing better to start the day…all your worries pulverised!

    Thanks SG

  7. mrgiggles2121

    mrgiggles2121 (verified owner)

    I just got this today and boy is it smooth and tasty so worth it and ordered friday of a long weekend and still got it tuesday morning amazing stuff guys thx so much

  8. kisho420

    kisho420 (verified owner)

    Beautiful stuff. Comes in a nice handy container, and makes a great addition to any kind of smoking you can think of. Lovely sativa high and great taste.

  9. chronicallyconfused420

    chronicallyconfused420 (verified owner)

    If you are in need of a “kick in the pants” kind of a wake ‘n bake dab, this Maui Wowie budder is the answer to get your balls rolling! Taste is true to it’s name but the invigorating feelings of wanting to get up and go is what you need to get the gumption going. I kicked myself late one night for dabbing her up and ended up awake for hours watching late night drivel on the tube!! Great gobs of goodness here guys!

  10. creakle

    creakle (verified owner)

    My first taste of budder and certainly will not be my last. Very potent and encapsulates the treasures of THC-terpenes better than any other concentrate I’ve tried so far… Better than hash? Certainly cooler than kief…

  11. renkar


    hard hitter love that strain

  12. mrobin

    mrobin (verified owner)

    Your budders are top notch, and this one is no different. Great flavour and effect.

  13. michaelredden

    michaelredden (verified owner)

    This budder totally kicked my ass!!!

  14. Elle-pee

    Elle-pee (verified owner)

    Usually one of my consistent favourites but this batch has a slight burnt taste to it. Still smokable but not as nice as some other batches still easily 4/5

  15. Brucetee

    Brucetee (verified owner)

    Nice smoke clean sativa feel.

  16. noiro2

    noiro2 (verified owner)

    Je sais pas si j’ai pogné une mauvaise batch mais ça goûte le brûlé c’est dégueulasse !! Heureusement ils m’ont remboursé une partie

  17. RafikGhaly


    This one is my favourite soo far, love the look texture smell taste, everything is spot on

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