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Lebanese Hash (AAAA)

(43 customer reviews)


This outstanding high-grade Lebanese Hash has a glistening dark chocolate surface with a creamy coffee brown interior.  It is very malleable and sticky with a consistency that is easily broken apart and rolled back together.  This hash has a pungent, spicy-earthy flavor profile and very relaxing effects.  It is the Lebanese equivalent to Mazar Sharif top shelf hash.


This is a high quality Lebanese-made AAAA hash product.











Muscle Spasms0%

Dry Mouth0%

Dry Eyes0%





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14gm – $220





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Reviews (43)

43 reviews for Lebanese Hash (AAAA)

  1. jessica.travis21

    F*cking unreal. I traveled to the middle east last summer and been looking everywhere for Real Hash. My only request is that you carry more hash and have a sampler pack, maybe Hash from Around The World Deal.

  2. Yamos

    Speedy delivery was an understatement. Got this great tasting hash in lightning time. Just in time to enjoy it over the weekend.

  3. lisae3

    so happy with this purchase.

  4. Trooper44

    Trooper44 (verified owner)

    Very, very good Lebanese hash it’s equal to my other dispensary who have this kind of hash but the other dispensary is out of stock from a while and i have found SpeedGrenns it’s Sicty and great taste and easy to work with. I will order again in the next week. I am so glad to have find speedgreens and great CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks

  5. chrisrsacc

    chrisrsacc (verified owner)

    Very good hash, though I think the Afghani is SLIGHTLY better. Both are worth the price as most websites dont have either for this cheap. I’ve seen websites with afghani for 30/g. I highly recommend both this and mazar Sharif

  6. stevorama (verified owner)

    Very good quality hash…equal to Mazar for sure…less perfumed but delicious none the less.Burns super clean,very gassy, burns white and leaves a nice white ash.
    If you are a hash lover as am I, you will not be disappointed. The packaging is bang on …with a nice glass jar for a 14gr.
    Thanks for the great prods and service SG!!

  7. segodss


    I received a sample of this Lebanese. It is an excellent product. As good as the mazar. Thanks speedgreens for finding such a high quality product.

    J’ai reçu un échantillon de ce libanais. C’est un excellent produit. Aussi bon que le mazar. Merci speedgreens de trouver des produit d’aussi grande qualité.

  8. boudi1959

    boudi1959 (verified owner)

    I love it. Smell nice, excellent for joint smokers, burns nice, it will hit you slowly slowly. It doesn’t make you cough which is a big bonus. I am glad speed greens provide this high end hush in Canada.

  9. Dylan144

    Dylan144 (verified owner)

    I’m not a big hash smoker but this stuff is great, probably the best hash I’ve tried

  10. Philavingaq

    Philavingaq (verified owner)

    I liked this better than the Mazar Sharif hash. Great with hot knifes or add a lttle to some flower for an extra kick.

  11. kenbruce789


    the afghan hash is just a touch better but most of the people will never notice. if you love great hash this will come very close but just misses the mark by a tiny bit.

  12. patricknagy

    patricknagy (verified owner)

    Best thing to cap off a long day at work

  13. creakle

    creakle (verified owner)

    Great stuff, has a legendary kick and that dark Lebanese Indica undertone. Rock on.

  14. Trooper44

    Trooper44 (verified owner)

    Very Great F…… hash !!!!!

  15. tristanstevens

    tristanstevens (verified owner)

    Looks smells and taste like common hash sold here

  16. michaelwallace

    michaelwallace (verified owner)

    Usually a fan of Afghani, but this is almost good. Very smooth with an earthy and grassy taste & outstanding effects. Would most certainly buy again!

  17. DoktorGreenthumb

    DoktorGreenthumb (verified owner)

    This is incredible hash. First time i ordered hash through SG and i think I’ll be doing it with each order

  18. FrenchWeedies

    FrenchWeedies (verified owner)

    Will definitely be ordering again .great job

  19. creakle

    creakle (verified owner)

    Well good enough for Canadian hash… Meaning hash bought in Canada. Has a nice dark colour and smooth texture and burn and stone and

  20. angjane1

    angjane1 (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Has the ol” school taste and smell. I prefer this over the mazar but both are excellent.. This has has become a regular in my orders great for mellowing out and chilling before bed.

  21. segodss

    segodss (verified owner)

    One word “WOW”.


  22. michaelredden

    michaelredden (verified owner)

    Ussually not a big hash smoker but since I got this been smoking and smoking!! Thanks SG

  23. richardmakuch

    richardmakuch (verified owner)

    Wow, great service, quick delivery, super fine product in glass wear. SO good, very nice high. Easy on lungs and burns to a white ash. Not much needed.
    Would purchase again for sure……. but will likely try something different so I can compare…. if you ever get it restocked. Waiting …….

  24. tyler.lychak

    tyler.lychak (verified owner)

    Very nice hash, however I prefer the camel Lebanese hash I find it has a stronger taste and is less harsh as well the effects work better for me. But this is a wonderful hash it’s just my personal preference I find this hash to be just like the mazar Sharif accept a tad harsher on the throat. All around a very good product and will purchase again.

  25. Jameson

    Jameson (verified owner)

    Lovely hash. Just what I want out of it. A+

  26. TerpX

    TerpX (verified owner)

    Great hash! Very sticky and pliable, a mild grassy nose and intense indica effects…Not as nice as that mazar though lol

  27. bcbud78

    bcbud78 (verified owner)

    Phenomenal great tasting take me back to 1994 hashish. Soft easy to roll into balls. Tastes sweet and spicy in the vape. Felt it all over to my bones and even my teeth. Will be back for more soon.

  28. benedict_langille

    benedict_langille (verified owner)

    Been getting this for my old man, Some of the best stuff to be getting, Really takes him back,,,, The blast from the past.

  29. (verified owner)

    I received my order of Lebanese hash and as I was saying for the Lebanese camel hash, I was flooded with memories as soon as I smelled it!
    It’s everything and why I love hash.
    IT has a nice slow creeping buzz and euphoria, long lasting, sedative:)
    Delicious and potent,
    Highly recommended:)

  30. raoufmanoli

    raoufmanoli (verified owner)

    As advertzed

  31. bruno6262000

    bruno6262000 (verified owner)

    When I got this, a friend was in. I passed it over to him, he opened and said, OMF, I haven’t smelt that in 40 years. And then it got really good

  32. tjspence

    tjspence (verified owner)

    I liked the hash back in the day, and still do, will be ordering again fore sure

  33. john.paul

    john.paul (verified owner)

    this is a beautiful product !

  34. Djc1234


    Couldn’t believe the high didn’t have to smoke and smoke it was awesome all that would be nice are a better desls

  35. adam.poland

    adam.poland (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke !

  36. raymond.losier

    raymond.losier (verified owner)

    Very potent when smoked with hot knife. Will buy again for sure

  37. drewwatson

    drewwatson (verified owner)

    Like the description says outstanding! Nice consistency burns very well in a joint

  38. bladesyadeadhomie

    bladesyadeadhomie (verified owner)

    way better than camel hash.
    this stuff is brown inside. very gooey. vapes great. amazing taste and smell like peppermint.

    • SGowner


      We will be increasing our Hash inventory soon with more IMPORTED Hash. Providing you with more options. If there is something you would like us to carry, please feel free to let us know. – Alexa, Customer Service @ SPEED GREENS

  39. kris.lorenscheit

    kris.lorenscheit (verified owner)

    Just like I used to smoke. The hash came in a little jar which was nice. I will be ordering this again.

  40. Bigboss420

    Bigboss420 (verified owner)

    Great stuff this Lebanese! Super fresh even to the center, I was amazed, didn’t expect it this fresh. Sticky as it should be and gets the job done well enough. Very satisfied with my first order here at SG, and will order again very soon. It also came in very quickly in under 4 days and had the whole Canada to cross so again, amazing! Another thing, your customer service is pure gold, thanks!

  41. TerpX

    TerpX (verified owner)

    Amazing hash but the chunk I got was a bunch of pieces pressed together with different colours. Not looking the way I got it when this batch first arrived. Still a very authentic imported hash that will bring you back in time to the 80’s and 90’s

  42. kovich47

    kovich47 (verified owner)

    Love this hash, great taste and great buzz

  43. tjspence

    tjspence (verified owner)

    i will order this again and again, lol thank you for providing this great product

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