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Island Extracts Oil Tincture (THC, 20:1, 1:1, Alcohol)

(17 customer reviews)




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THC Oil Tincture Extra Strength (1500mg), Oil Tincture 20:1 (300mg CBD: 15mg THC), Oil Tincture 1:1 (210mg CBD:210mg THC), THC Alcohol Tincture (750mg)

Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Island Extracts Oil Tincture (THC, 20:1, 1:1, Alcohol)

  1. Remy

    Extremely potent, i add this sh*t to everything! Don’t make any plans, just relax and enjoy.

  2. Shelley Hardinge (verified owner)

    This is the very best! Absolute excellence in a cannabis oil. This is the Dom Pérignon of the cannabis edible oil world. Island Extracts have left everyone else in the dust! From the first drop on foods, in a smoothie, on banana bread or directly on your tongue you will soon enter a world of feeling pure bliss! All the stress of the day disappears and an exciting, creative journey begins. Eight to ten drops and you are good and well on your way to enjoying a great night. Later on, some more drops will produce the most relaxed feeling and settles you into such a great sleep. This is a product I will not be without! It is crucial for relieving stress and helping me as I am accomplishing so many goals in my life now! Thanks Speedgreens for being the BEST!

  3. ScubaDiver604

    Absolutely incredible, I have had tinctures from various companies and this is by far the best! Alcohol is quickly absorbed and the effects are immediate. Thanks again SG for the great product and quick shipping ?

  4. JazzElle

    1500MG, BE WARNED only few drops are necessary to leave you with an amazing high. I bring it everywhere with me 😉

  5. Jameson

    Jameson (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I have a really high tolerance, so it’s nice to have 1500 mg. My brother and I each took about 300mg and had amazing long lasting highs. Had us laughing at nothing lol. So many companies are producing edibles with subpar events or lying about how much THC is actually in their product. This stuff is legit. Will definitely be picking up more of this in the future.

  6. Wapitideab

    Wapitideab (verified owner)

    Great product. Gives a very nice high with 5 drops in yogourt (tried to evaluate the potency before taking more drops) . Will order more as needed.

  7. drewwatson

    drewwatson (verified owner)

    Worth every penny, strong stuff tho be careful.

  8. rockcbob

    rockcbob (verified owner)

    I buy this stuff all the time it is so good if you have any trouble sleeping this is your go to !
    fantastic to just chill out calm for every part of my body love it .

  9. BenBeg

    BenBeg (verified owner)

    As strong as you can get, confirmed.

  10. rockcbob

    rockcbob (verified owner)

    So good I always get the 1500 mL great bang for your buck fantastic product delicious highly recommend

  11. julianajung

    julianajung (verified owner)

    The absolute best bang for your buck. All I need is half a dropper full under the tongue. Quick, long-lasting high. Doesn’t give me a headache like other concentrates. I’ve ordered this three times now.

  12. kugoq23

    kugoq23 (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten both the 1500mg oil and the 750mg alcohol tincutres throughout the last year. It’s a great product that is extremely potent, the pricing is very fair and is always reliable in my needs. I’d prefer the 1500mg oil, at first I didn’t realize the other one was alcohol based but it was still fine!

  13. michaelwallace

    michaelwallace (verified owner)

    5 Drops under the tongue and the afternoon simply melts away! This juice is outstanding! Will by more. Thank you SG!

  14. Jessemyre

    Jessemyre (verified owner)

    Absolutely great stuff. I have a high tolerance and 3-4 drops later…the rest is history. Made my fishing trip

  15. john.meincke

    john.meincke (verified owner)

    THC 1500 is a beautiful product. I found it to be great for mood enhancement when suffering the blues and maybe not sleeping well….or visiting the In-Laws. There is a lot in the little bottle and well worth the money.

  16. FrenchWeedies

    FrenchWeedies (verified owner)

    So I was getting my 🦷 pulled and did not want to smoke so i ordered this stuff and my god did it help did not have the erg to smoke at all and have a nice 🐝. Reason for not getting another Starr is I think it could have been a lil more potent all in all throw was happy with it just giving my honest opinion. Frenchy Jan 9 2020

  17. eliza1958

    eliza1958 (verified owner)

    1500 mg THC is very strong. Great price!

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