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Comatose OG (AA)

(19 customer reviews)


Comatose OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain 80:20 cross between OG Kush with another unknown indica dominant hybrid.  Comatose OG buds have super sticky bright neon green nugs with orange hairs and a frosty coating of golden amber crystal trichomes.  It has a sour citrus flavor with hints of sweet earth on exhale. The aroma is of  pine and spicy herbs with a hint of sour citrus. This strain has a very potent buzz and long lasting effects due to an extremely high 23-27% average THC level.  It starts with a potent head buzz while putting you into a euphoric state quickly transitioning as your body settles into a deep body high that leaves you couch-locked for hours. Comatose OG is often chosen to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia and appetite loss.









Lack of Appetite0%

Muscle Spasms0%

Dry Mouth0%


Dry Eyes0%



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Reviews (19)

19 reviews for Comatose OG (AA)

  1. Sherryl

    Ive tried many strains but this one truly has helped me with my insomnia. My husband tells me i sleep through the night after a dose of this. Wonderful product.

  2. Chad

    Does wonders for my athritis. Only complaint is that it clogs my grinder.

  3. Slump

    Sticky dopeness!! Smash a bowl of this sends you straight to the moon. Much love fam.

  4. TerpX

    TerpX (verified owner)

    This is super earthy smelling og with a heavy inda couch high lol

  5. Mark


    Great outstanding bud. Works great for arthritis and for sleeping.

  6. jennifer.backs

    jennifer.backs (verified owner)

    Ordered this Friday and got it today before lunch!! Amazing product and I’m still blown away by the shipping time! Considering I live on the opposite side of the country. Bravo guys!!

  7. smokeyviews204

    smokeyviews204 (verified owner)

    Amazing nose and nice buds. Great pungent earthy smell with great savoury flavors. Love itt

  8. travis.hall

    travis.hall (verified owner)

    I really liked this strain I had the best sleep I’ve had in a while deffitany worth trying and I had my order in 2 days..

  9. Guizidore


    my 4 and not 5 start is the taste but its my favorite weed since now comatose og to sleep and death bubba all day long 😀

  10. Billybob36

    Billybob36 (verified owner)

    One of the biggest bangs for your buck. Would put this as a good AAA, smell and taste are fantastic.

  11. drewwatson


    Some nice and tight bud, well worth it great deal!

  12. sharlyncopenace

    sharlyncopenace (verified owner)

    a tasty hybrid!! good high good taste

  13. tjspence

    tjspence (verified owner)

    helped me sleep, thank you

  14. Chief

    Chief (verified owner)

    Wow, just tried this last night….I slept so good. Thanks SG!!

  15. alex.fleury


    I really hesitated between the comatose and a other strain .I am a 15+years smoker so i need something potent. I finally took a ounce of the other strain but received and 8th as a gift off comatose og. This strain whooped my a**. It has a really good earthy taste to it like a real og shoul taste like. Nice dense buds as well too. It was my first order at SG and men i am not disappointed. Basically if you need something potent that is gonna it you , espicially for that price , go for it .Its a favor that SG does to us by letting it go at that price.
    Only bad thing is that at the moment its out of stock for a purchase over 7g , i would of buy a Qp with no shame at all

  16. (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds, wonderful, awesome. I am very thrilled and pleased. Thank you SpeedGreens! Highly recommended, great smell, potent buzz:) Uplifting at first, it made me want to lie down after a while and slip into a sedative trip of calm, and relaxed well being, yet the whole mind stays involved in a happy pattern of thoughts.. Certainly not dull nor a downer.! This is truly a special strain:)

  17. robmeisterz28


    Tried this as part of a mix & match order. Shared with friends & all were satisfied ! Would order again.

  18. daniel.loughead

    daniel.loughead (verified owner)

    Very relaxing without the need for munchies, highly recommend!

  19. metallicadan

    metallicadan (verified owner)

    This will definitely help you sleep. Great nighttime smoke to send you to a nice peaceful relaxed state.

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