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Alien OG (AAAA)

(22 customer reviews)


The Alien OG was introduced in California Bay area from Cali Connection. Alien OG is a cross of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG and is one of the most potent strains available today with THC levels tested between 20% – 26%.  Alien OG has a lemon-pine type smell and has a sweet-pine and earthy flavour.  When you take your first hit of Alien OG a feeling of euphoria and happiness occurs. You then have an intense high that combines heavy indica body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz.  Some of the medicinal benefits include relief of migraines, chronic pain and anxiety and can also help to treat insomnia.










Lack of Appetite0%

Dry Mouth0%

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Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Alien OG (AAAA)

  1. Ashley_W


    Hands down this is the one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. Leaves your body feeling very relaxed with a perfect high. aromas of fruit and pine. a little goes a long way!!!!!

  2. Charlene

    My husband and i like to dabble in this strain after a bottle of red wine. Makes a fun night. A little too strong for but a little goes a long way. Still a beautiful cannibis to try.

    Thank you,


  3. GregoryA

    Dense and covered in crystal, solid choice!

  4. calthyechild

    calthyechild (verified owner)

    Outright cerebral, this bud is crystals all the way through to the core. You do need to be careful with this delightfully piney strain or you might find yourself in space.

  5. adamknightrealty


    this strain is amazing, knocked me out and put me to bed. Great earthy pine taste in my vape. Def a AAAA

  6. Randylove2647

    Randylove2647 (verified owner)

    Great for getting to sleep,but take it an hour before bed to fully enjoy all this has to offer..pain relief and all your shitty things that you may had happy during the day …gone..

  7. TommyLee

    TommyLee (verified owner)

    Awesome bud not my bed time bud but its good ill buy more.

  8. Bum_Dart

    Bum_Dart (verified owner)

    Great smell, high, and taste. Would definitely order again…….

  9. t.comeau89

    t.comeau89 (verified owner)

    Really nice buds and wonderful bouquet smell

  10. SmokeMaster12

    SmokeMaster12 (verified owner)

    First time buying this strain buds looked like the pics taste and smell are awesome would definitely buy again

  11. andrewfazekas


    I got this strain as part of my 2 oz MnM order. Alien OG is absolutely a 5 out of 5 AAAA strain. The buds are puffy and dense, they look and smell great, and it breaks up perfectly. The smoke is pretty smooth and the high is great. My only minor criticism is the flavour of the smoke is not the best, but it’s not bad. Really, really great weed that I’d be happy to buy again

  12. shane.mccabe


    Great taste and tons of crsytal

  13. Honeydip

    Honeydip (verified owner)

    Great chill high

  14. Auroraaurora

    Auroraaurora (verified owner)

    Awesome!, Huge chunks, of incredible smelling buds, very potent high and deep relaxation. after! Highly recommended:)

  15. zfreedz


    Tastes and smells earthy/pine. Buds look alien like with nice foxtails and had an okay amount of crystals, but not sure I’d say AAAA. High was decent, but I didn’t find it anything special. Still a great smoke though!

  16. Andbacon

    Andbacon (verified owner)

    The nugs looked great. Fluffy and frosty but the fragrance left something to be desired. And I don’t know if it’s just my tolerance that’s gotten too high or what but I found my buzz didn’t last very long nor did I get all that lift (High) Which is unfortunate because i don’t order quad A very often. Maybe my expectations were to high?

  17. snackman


    Once you crack one of these alien looking buds open you’ll get the whiff of something special. The smell and flavour are our of this world for sure!

  18. rdoliwa

    rdoliwa (verified owner)

    Great stuff, produces a wavy body high and a very focused head high for me, great taste as well. Definitely gonna get this again at some point

  19. 420smithers


    I feel there’s no way I could have received the same batch rest of reviews are speaking of the flower i received had virtually no smell and a VERY muted pine flavour. The buzz was extremely light found myself smoking 2x as much as I would say a AAA or even a AA from other MOMs… Worse of all the buds had trichs in middle but we’re almost non existent on the outside AND the buds wanted to just fall apart totally resembling buds that have been rolled for kief (No, I’m not accusing anyone of anything). Other than that I can say they did appear identical to

  20. rollmeover12

    rollmeover12 (verified owner)

    Hats off on this one.Alien OG has a great look nice light green colour orange highlites and covered in crystal fur all over. Has that familiar smell of good pot. some sweet tones many have that pine kinda aroma .Not hard on the throat and a heavy aroma when burning This among the best strain I’ve had in a long while High its fast and builds body and head all over buzz.
    Ordered a half should have and will take more And definately the best I’ve had here Speed Greens has the goods and amazing fast c/s .. Only comment other tthan thumbs up and turn up the tunes is even with the boveda , buds starting to dry ,,, guess I’ll need to go at it harder smiles

  21. josim.khalvati


    Loved it

  22. t.comeau89

    t.comeau89 (verified owner)

    really nice strain, dense nugs roll into nice joints and the smoke is smooth but has the bite I like to feel!

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