Eating Weed: Safety, Benefits, and Side Effects

Eating Weed: Safety, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Having a pot brownie is like a rite of passage for stoners. Who wouldn’t love eating dessert and getting high at the same time? 

Edibles aren’t just a nice treat – talk to anyone who’s had one and they’ll tell you that they get you high. You’ll feel totally different than smoking a joint or ripping a bong. It’s not just talk. Eating weed does feel different because it moves throughout the body in a different way than when you smoke weed. 

If you eat too many brownies or enjoy too many THC gummies, your high won’t be all giggles and munchies. It’s easy to get “too high” from edibles and have a bad time. 

Learn how to safely ingest marijuana, how it can benefit you, and what you to expect after you take your first bite into a pot brownie

Eating Weed Safely: How Is It Different Than Smoking? 

When you smoke weed or rip a bong, you inhale THC directly into your lungs. Then, it heads to the bloodstream and right up to the brain. Once THC hits the brain, you “feel it.” The whole process doesn’t take too long because the THC doesn’t have a far distance to travel. 

When you eat weed, the THC moves to the stomach and liver. The liver breaks THC down into a more potent version of THC (11-hydroxy-THC.) From there, the stronger version of THC moves through the bloodstream and up to the brain. It has to travel throughout the entire body first, so it can take awhile and will affect the body more than it will affect the brain. 

That being said, it’s important to remember two things: ingesting weed will hit you harder and it will take longer for the effects to kick in. 

Eating Weed Safely How Is It Different Than Smoking

Tips for Eating Weed Safely 

Nervous about ingesting weed for the first time? You don’t have to be. Use these safety tips to ensure that you will get all of the benefits from edibles without getting too high. 

  • Wait at least an hour for your edible to kick in. During this time, the edible is still traveling throughout the body. It’s a rookie mistake to have another brownie 15 minutes after your first one, only to be hit twice as hard when you least expect it. 
  • Buy edibles from a trusted retailer. It’s fun to make your own edibles, but you probably don’t know how much THC you can handle. It’s easier to dose edibles when each individual brownie or gummy has the same amount of THC in it. When you make your own, you might unevenly spread the THC around and end up eating more than you think. 
  • Eat less than you think you need. When you smoke weed, a lot of THC gets wasted. You’re probably not inhaling as much as you think. When you eat an edible, nothing gets wasted (unless you’re a sloppy eater.) Take it easy and eat less than you think you need. You can always have another dose after an hour or two. 

Benefits of Eating Weed

Eating edibles can feel like more of a risk, but it’s a risk worth taking for many cannabis lovers. Once you figure out the right amount of edibles for your body, you can just enjoy the benefits of ingesting cannabis. 

It Lasts Longer. 

When you smoke weed, THC hits the brain fast and leaves the body quickly. You only feel the effects for an hour or two. It takes a lot longer to feel the effects of eating weed, but it stays in the body longer. Expect to stay high for up to six hours. The effects can last even longer if you spread out your doses right. 

It’s A Healthy Alternative to Smoking. 

Sparking up a joint creates smoke. Inhaling smoke can cause damage to the lungs and other health problems. Avoid these risks by ingesting your weed. You still get all of the benefits of THC (anxiety relief, sleep aid, increased appetite,) when you eat it. 

As long as you decarb your weed properly, you’ll get the benefits of THC without exposing yourself to smoke. 

There hasn’t been much research done on the health benefits of eating cannabis plants, but eating marijuana is certainly not new. Marijuana plants have been used as a medical remedy for centuries, treating chronic pain, digestive issues, and other ailments. 

You Ingest More Of the Plant. 

As mentioned earlier, smoking weed can waste a lot of the plant. Why burn your plants when you can safely eat them and enjoy everything that it has to offer? 

Side Effects of Eating Weed

Side Effects of Eating Weed

Once the edible “hits,” you’ll feel a lot of the same side effects as you do after smoking weed. You might get the giggles. Everything might feel like it’s moving a little slower. All of a sudden, you might want to eat all of the chips and snacks in your fridge. 

Due to the nature of ingesting marijuana, you’re more likely to feel the effects of your weed in your body. Enjoy a couch-lock like you’ve never felt before. At some point, you might feel like you’re melting into your bed or the couch. (Edibles are a great nighttime treat, especially for insomniacs.) 

Side Effects of Eating Medical Marijuana 

If you eat medical marijuana, you will enjoy full-body pain relief for a longer period of time. Talk to your healthcare provider about edible options and what products are best for your pain, anxiety, or other symptoms.

What Happens If I Eat Too Much Weed? 

Everyone has made the rookie mistake of eating too much weed. It’s not pretty, but you’ll be okay once the THC leaves your system. You can’t “overdose” on edibles, but you will likely feel dizzy, nauseous, or confused. Don’t plan to go anywhere after you try edibles for the first time. Hand over your car keys and curl up on the couch with a good movie and trusted friends. 

Where to Buy Edibles 

Edibles come in many shapes and sizes. Remember, if you’ve never eaten weed before, buy edibles from a trusted retailer. You will know how much THC you are ingesting with each bite or candy and can figure out your limits. 

Shop our full selection of edible baked goods, candy, and chocolates today. 

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